Nice to meet you! 

Welcome to Kindly, a podcast about all things mindful. You’ve probably heard about mindfulness in some shape or form recently, maybe it’s peeked your interested or maybe you’re thinking this just isn’t for me. If you’re thinking the latter, don’t worry! A few years ago, that definitely would have been me. I am not the type of person who is naturally good at quieting the mind or reflection. In fact, I am notorious for overthinking just about everything and my past response to meditation has been “my brain just doesn't work that way.”

I was first introduced to the practice during an eye-opening graduate course in February 2016. During this course we closely examined attachment theory and how early relationships with our caregivers (often our mothers) create templates that shape our expectations for future relationships throughout our lives. Learning this information was tough, I began to see a reoccurring pattern of behaviors and reactions in the areas of my life that I desperately wanted to succeed (i.e. romantic relationships, friendships, work life, career choice). Knowing that my goal is and will always be, cultivating a happy and fulfilling life, I became aware that I needed to make a change. I believe mindful practice and meditation can help lead me to the life I want.

So far, this hasn't been easy, I am constantly faced with the feeling that I am just not getting it, my mind is always humming or that I haven't advanced far enough in my practice. I’ve realized I can’t be the only person (hopefully) struggling with this, and so I have created this podcast to shed some light and learn how we can infuse mindful practice into everyday life. So, please join me on my mindful journey! 

Mindfulness is a powerful tool to help reduce stress and improve your life. Together we will learn how to: 

> Improve our relationships with friends, romantic partners and family 

> Use mindfulness and mediation to reduce overall stress

> Lead mentally and physically healthy lives

> Reevaluate our responses to stressful situations