Episode 3: Changing Our Relationship with Food

Changing Our Relationship with Food

With Wellness Coach Amanda Skrip 


We’ve all done it, one minute we’re sitting down to enjoy a snack and the latest episode of our favorite show, and the next thing we know that bag of chips, ice cream or popcorn is completely gone. This is called mindless eating and so many of us are guilty of this. 

A lot of times our mindless eating habits can have negative effects on our health because we are frequently overeating and not making conscious choices about the food we are putting into our bodies. Worse, our relationship with food can become dysfunctional. Have you ever felt guilty about eating something? Or have you been stressed, angry or sad then eaten something to make yourself feel better? This episode will help us get in tune with our bodies so we can make conscious choices and be more mindful about eating. 

Today, I’m talking with Amanda Script, a wellness coach and natural foods educator in Chicago. Amanda has been working in the wellness industry for more than a decade, first as a chef in New York City and now as a wellness coach and natural foods expert. Tune in to this episode to learn more about mindful eating and changing the relationship we have with food. 

Amanda's website: https://amandaskrip.com

Show Notes

“I think I thought you could really master diet and food just through the physiological effects but now I am realizing that the psychological piece of it is so important, and I think it’s often overlooked. People often wonder why they struggle with diet and health. But when you do focus on the mindful aspect and the psychological relationship we have with food it can really crack the whole piece open.”  (1:05)

“When it comes to eating it is just focusing on eating along with some of the subtleties behind it: why are you eating? What you’re hungry for? And really deciphering the taste, the textures and how it’s making you feel. It’s about really being connected to whole the whole process of eating.”  (1:56)

“It really comes down to the root of your cravings and once again that mind body connection of why you are craving it. I think if you are able to answer that with ‘chips sound really good right now’ then that’s ok but if your motivations are because are because you're stressed, tired or sad, for why you are gravitating towards certain foods then let’s get to the root of it instead of trying to numb those feelings with food.” (5:05)

 “… slowing down around meal time, and how I had mentioned taking some deep breaths and checking in with yourself to see what’s going on. I think when you’re able to do that and to recognize: “wait a minute, I am really stressed out right now,” then you’re able to kind of figure out: what could I do instead? What would help me?  Maybe that’s going for a walk, or going to the gym or talking to friend-- something else is going to help you through that emotion besides eating.” (6:01)

 “…You’re also able to tune into how that will make me feel, then the choice can become a little bit more natural” (7:25)

“Again just figuring out why you’re doing it, how it makes you feel, whether it’s a positive or negative effect and being able to make your choice around that.” (8:34)

“… the thing about mindfulness and eating it it’s not really a diet and you’re not really restricting anything, it’s just again being more aware of the choices that you’re making.” (8:44)

“ I think when you are able to be more mindful and centered in the food choices that you are making, a lot of your health goals whether weight-related or energy-related, can happen a lot more effortlessly.” (11:26)

Thanks for tuning in!